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Thrillist – Best Italian Restaurants in San Diego, CA – January 2018

“Farm-to-table fanatics will delight in the options at Downtown’s Biga, where owner, chef, and Culinary Institute of America graduate Tae Dickey makes his own mozzarella, sausages, and other charcuterie. He’s also obsessive about sourcing fresh and local ingredients and works directly with farms and farmers markets to stock his menu. Dickey is particularly famous for […]

San Diego’s Best Restaurants – January 2018

“BIGA Pizza and farm-to-table Italian food is the word at downtown restaurant Biga. Tae Dickey is the chef at the helm, and word on the street is you can catch him roaming local farmers’ markets every day of the week searching for the latest and greatest in local produce. 950 6th Ave., Suite C, San […]

The Best of San Diego 2017 – August 2017

Rated the best Gourmet Sandwich in San Diego by San Diego Magazine BIGA “Named after the age-old fermentation process used to make Italian breads, Biga has a hip and modern feel without losing that authentic Italiano tradition. Countertops are Carrara marble, wood-fire ovens reach 900 degrees, and sandwiches are no ordinary deli situation. The caprese […]

Chef Tae Dickey, Bridging Continents Through BIGA – April 2017

“Tae is setting new boundaries at Biga, proving that the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented, rather reintroduced in a new location. He may be leading the charge to rediscovering that the secret to truly great food doesn’t lie in its manipulation, but in its thoughtful application. The entire story of Biga has yet to […]

Best Of SanDiegoVille – Our 20 Favorite Sandwiches In San Diego – April 2017

“There’s a certain art to constructing sandwiches that seems to elude many makers in San Diego, resulting in a mostly-misinformed customer base that may not fully understand the potential a sandwich can have. I know that this sounds like East Coast snobbery, but it’s all about that meat & filling-to-bread ratio, and many spots seem […]